Toy Story Havaianas Giveaway

Toy Story jpg

The good people at Havaianas have asked me to help them launch the new Havaianas Toy Story products. With summer round the corner you would be wise to get your hot little hands on these gorgeous things for your precious little trend-setting angel/son.

I’m giving away a boys’ Toy Story Set, which contains boys (size 4) thongs plus a cute Rex in a gorgeous wooden collectors’ box.

To be in the draw to win this gorgeous pack please  “Like” The Real Housewife of Sydney on Facebook or follow me on twitter @RealWifeSydney.

I’ve been struggling to keep my own boys out of the loot bag so please hurry and claim your free gift.

Best of Luck!


The pot of ‘bold’ at the end of the rainbow

So once again I decided to be bold and bake my kid’s gourmet birthday cake. Thank goodness, my newest four-year old is no longer fixated in the colour yellow (it was getting tough finding enough yellow undies to get through the week). This year he opted for a rainbow cake to go with his super hero themed party. Game on. Continue reading

Parent Abuse


Of course you’re familiar with the concept of child abuse.  Everyone is.  I, am ashamed to say, am a victim of the converse concept – Parent Abuse. Continue reading

Living with a terrorist

It’s official.  I’ve been secretly harbouring and housing a terrorist for nearly six years.  Continue reading

The Tonsil Diaries | What to expect when you’re expecting a Tonsillectomy *



*Warning: The cynicism in this article may offend some sensitive readers.  If you are likely to be offended by an article , which makes light of a serious medical procedure please hover off my webpage and surf on over to a less interesting page on the web. Or alternatively, you can hover over to my house and I will show you why I have become so cynical!

On the eve of my son returning to school after almost two weeks off following his tonsillectomy I have a confession to make.  I am by far the worst mother on the planet.  Continue reading

These cartoons are makin’ me cranky!

Over the past 2 weeks my almost 4-year-old has mutated from a sweet, angelic, mamma’s baby boy to an aggressive, angry, misbehaved little upstart and until now, I had no idea who or what to blame.

Continue reading

Got your knickers in a knot? So what!


It’s amazing what will get people revved up these days!  The exact same media stunt that made me chuckle and smirk got the entire Sydney morning TV-watching community in a complete tailspin.

A Gold Coast law firm decided to break away from boring, black letter, stale advertising and put this cheeky flyer out to the market.  Needless to say, it’s release has caused nationwide outrage. Continue reading