Has The Real Housewife of Sydney achieved anything in the past 8 months?

Tonight at about 11pm when I was cleaning the boys’ bath out with Dettol I caught myself asking myself – “Have I actually achieved anything in the past  8 months of maternity leave?” Yes, I know I’ve been raising a two-year old and a newborn for the past few months, but aside from just trying to get through each day with the babies in tact and my sanity relatively together, I don’t think I have actually achieved any of my outstanding goals.

To date, my ‘errands/internal admin’ to -do -list looks a little like this at the moment

NOTE – no particular order here!! :

  1. arrange head boards for master bedroom and Aiden’s bedroom
  2. tidy grocery cupboard
  3. tidy walk in closet
  4. tidy boys’ bedroom cupboards and change table drawers
  5. paint the canvases for Jon Jon’s room
  6. develop photos of the past few months
  7. email photos of the boys over the past few months
  8. take photo of Jon Jon in bassinet before it gets put away
  9. replace cushions and throws on couches
  10. chuck/pack away clothes that we no longer wear or are too big or small
  11. book mom and dad’s anniversary weekend in June 2010
  12. MOP FLOORS DOWNSTAIRS – I am typing this blog post instead of sleeping or mopping – so overdue
  13. Phone work to discuss return to work strategy – am scheduled to return on 20 July 2010 – Crikey that freaks me out – can’t believe it’s been almost 1 year – how is that actually possible????
  14. put together wish list of items I need for my dream home that’s been in my head for a few weeks now!

So basically, the above list needs to be completed before I go to work – oh, and I forgot about all the laundry that needs to be washed and folded downstairs, but that is part of the short-term list.  Wish my mind wasnt so occupied with such mundane stuff!


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