Jon Jon’s 3rd tooth and Aiden moves into a big boy’s bed

Jon Jon got his third tooth (top right) and Aiden moved into a queen-sized bed!! – Jon Jon was moved out of the Boori Rocker Bassinet which made me so sad – but the guy is nearly nine months old and his quarters were getting a little cramped given he is pushing probably around 10 kilos now!!

Aiden actually slept the whole night in the bed and did not get up once!  Good night on the whole except I have an eye infection, a swollen left wrist from all the heavy lifting and a stiff neck from carrying the phone with my neck crooked to the right all the time, need to get a hands free asap!  Went to the doctor today and had to take both boys with me as usual, as I have no-one to watch them when I do things like that – pretty hard but Aiden was excellent.

Had a bit of a set back this morning, took the boys to Playball and as we got there Aiden started moaning in the pram – it was only his second time there – last time he loved it but today the woman said he might be too young and I should start him in a few months instead – I was a bit shattered but brushed it off – sometimes he does that when we arrive at certain activities like Adele’s action kids or Art and Move – not sure why I am punishing myself but it gives us a purposed and a routine to our weeks to have set activities.  Guess we will have to stick to art and crafts with mommy at home and dough and soccer at home??!? Annoying and BORING for Aiden I am sure not to mention that he cries when I go get coffee in the morning on my own while Lance watches them for 5 minutes and is getting quite dependent on me!  Watch this space to see how that pans out…

Am completely shattered but need to get these thoughts out as I wont be able to sleep…

Need to update more posts before I forget!



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