Ivy Pool anyone?

Most nights I am exhausted come 8pm but I still really really feel the need to go out.  Why? This probably has a lot to with the fact that I got married really really young (24!) and did not go out at night at all before we had kids.

So now on any given night I will go for any excuse to get out the house, Supermarket shopping, chemist anything just to break free.  Not sure why this need for emancipation is so strong but yet I am dying to get out the house for a drink most nights.

Funny thing is all my single girl friends are always “too tired” to go out (PS> I have it when people without small babies tell me they’re tired, they don’t know the meaning of the word tired!)

Also, I have to go the most exclusive newest hippest places in Sydney on a Saturday night as I figure it’s a waste to go see a movie when you’re paying $20 an hour for a babysitter (that’s another Blog Post altogether!! “The Lucrative Business of Babysitting, uni students to registered nurses – how they are taking the entire market and we mothers have no choice”)

So my favourites at the moment are:

  1. The Ivy – the Ivy Pool in the city (Lance refuses to go back there as he can’t understand why anyone would want to pay $30 to drink out of a cup that our 2-year-old drinks out of!)
  2. White Revolver And Cream Tangerine (close enough to rush home if I need to b.feed the baby and come back again!)
  3. Ravesis – classy and close
  4. The Beach Road (I used to come here during the day in the summer with the babies!)
  5. Coles/Woolworths/Petrol Station/Pharmacy (these are defaults for weeknights if I just need a break and change of scenery)

Last Sat night we went to Icebergs – have a thirty something B-day party this sat night – can’t wait! xxx


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