The BabyCinno Rort

The other day a good friend of mine made me laugh.  She has a 6 year old, a 3-year-old and a newborn and she confessed that she had not to that day heard of a Babycinno!! (So tired while I am typing this that I am having deja vu that I have already typed this before!!)

I responded by telling her that she’d probably saved herself about $6,000 in the past 6 years!

I curse the day that the babycinno was ever invented.

I am sure that the original intention behind the creation and inception of the babycinno was to distract the young toddler for a few moments while the exhausted mother gets a second or two of solace to skull down a quick coffee before the next stop in the car or pram.  The reality is that the sleep deprived mother spends the entire ‘babycinno experience’ trying to avoid disaster from ending in a scalding caused by a burning hot babycinno that some inexperienced barista has served up to the toddler.  Alternatively the mother will be juggling the teeny tiny mug and saucer and sugar dispenser whilst trying to prevent the toddler from tossing the entire drink over him or herself or the cafe table. SO not relaxing!  I sometimes do see toddlers sitting patiently sipping spoonfuls of the fluffy froth while the relieved mothers look on but this is quite a rare sighting in the cafe wild!

Another aspect of the babycinno experience that bugs the hell out of me is the exorbitant prices that are being set for these drinks!  There is a significant sliding scale and cafe owners set the price according to their own personal whim and malice.  I feel I owe my fellow mothers (my confidants, my playground underworld partnersin crime) a duty to name and shame the most overpriced babycinnos in Sydney that I have come across:

  1. Harry’s espresso bar – Wairoa Ave, North Bondi – $2.50 ( Seriously!! I told the owner that he was clearly mad and out of his mind to be charging that for a bit of frothed full cream milk and that I could buy a regular cup of adult coffee for that price and a full 1.5L of Milk for the same price too!  He told me to go out and do just that! – THE NERVE!!)
  2. Laurent, Westfield, Bondi Junction $1.50 – $2 (although this seems to be the going rate at most places I think it’s still ludicrous and someone needs to nip this issue in the bud!!)
  3. Europan, Rose Bay ($1.50 with attitude’)
  4. Luigis (don’t know the price but sometimes the barista’s in a bad mood and the patrons give me attitude when I wheel my double pram in there so I rarely go there with the kids)

On a brighter note, kudos to the following righteous places with RESPECT for exhausted moms out there – I will continue to support you:

1. Organic Bakery, Seven Ways North Bondi – free with any regular coffee

2. Gloria Jeans – free with any regular coffee


Sometimes I am so exhausted that I would quite happily sell my soul for a caffeine hit but that still doesn’t warrant these ridiculous prices when I am out with my kid for a coffee – In fact, I would rather not get a coffee at all if I could just manage… or can anyone deliver???  Now do you understand why I am happy for just about anyone to pop in unannounced provided they have a hot coffee for me??


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