An ode to breastfeeders out there

Before I had kids I vowed I would NEVER EVER breast feed.  Not to mention how averse I was to the concept of breastfeeding in public – THE NERVE of some people!

Then suddenly I was a mom and this overwhelming maternal human instinct came over me and I became the biggest breastfeeding advocate over night.  My firstborn Aiden was breastfed for 11 months ( I doubt he remembers the experience now 1 year on, but the other day he was watching me feed the little one and tried to have a ‘sip’ too and the proceeded to lift his pajama top up and attempted to give his little toy frog “milky” too!! SO cute!) and I am still breastfeeding Jon Jon who just turned 9 months today!  It is a bit sore when the little milk teeth take a small nibble here and there but on the whole it has been an easy, amazing, and natural experience for me.  Still sometimes can’t believe that I have not used a tin of formula on my babies – quite an amazing feat hey!



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