Building up their immunity …. and all that jazz

I have had it up to here with friends and well wishing strangers telling me that “germs are good for kids” and that “getting sick is good for them” and “that it builds up their immunity”.

All that germs and daycare build up are copious amounts of antibiotics being purchased, increased visits to the doctors and paediatricians and contending with sick grumpy kids who can’t be taken out.

I also can’t hack selfish parents who drag extremely sick kids out to the shops, the parks, the synagogue and just about anywhere that sick kids shouldn’t be.  The children are riddled with viral diseases and pouring noses that really deserve a good wipe and clearly are being carted out against their will.  Not to mention the fact that they are not only NOT going to get better that way and should clearly be resting as best they can at home, but their selfish parents are spreading the vicious cycle of germs and virus around and exacerbating the illness even further.

Now that’s what makes ME sick!


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