Full-time position vacant: No applicants need apply

Last week I thought I was on my death bed – I thought.

I was sick with something similar to what I thought was swine flu – presumably contracted on a play-date no doubt.  Needless to say, I was pretty much rendered incompetent – so arts and crafts were cut down to the bare basics at home base here.  We were all house-bound with the same revolting cold being circulated between me, Aiden and Jon Jon and the relentless London-like dreary torrential rain forced us to stay indoors,  plus the fact that my crappy 20-year-old car needed to go in for an air-con service… we were STUCK!

Although I felt quite useless and was not working to my full capacity because I was so sick and miserable, I still realised that I was the only one who could do this job.

They say that in the job market, no-one is indispensable – but I have to say – that in MY job – I am completely indispensable.  I am also completely irreplaceable, and contrary to popular belief around here, I would definitely be missed if I didn’t turn up for ‘work’on a daily basis.  I can also guarantee you that no normal person would apply for this job – unpaid, thankless and completely devoid of self-respect most of the time!  There is no salary, no lunch or toilet or coffee break or scheduled rest OH&S time, no long service leave, no bonus at the end of the year, no wardrobe stipend or cab charge allowance, no job sharing option and definitely NO such thing as ME time!  You can’t rely on anyone to pick up the slack if you are sick or need to rest, you just have to keep going.  Yes, I know I am not the only mother with kids in town but sometimes I sure feel like I am!

When I was at my very sickest – coughing up parts of my functional lung – and wanted to call it a night at midnight, then there was still no respite and Jon was waking every hour with a blocked nose, and then Aiden was waking up at 2am, then 3 am then 5am for the day!  I think Aiden was sick but he was also being woken by Jon Jon.  By the way, I am absolutely convinced that Jon Jon has a copy of the full timetable of all the FIFA World Cup Games in South Africa taped to the side of his cot, because without fail he gets up in time for every game in the early hours of the morning!

However – not to be ungrateful, I should note that last night (15 June 2010 for the record) Jon Jon slept through the night for the second time in his life but I completely missed the opportunity to take advantage of this and had terrible insomnia till 3am~Murphys Law hey!  Let’s hope he continues this pattern, at least till Saturday night when I have 2 parties to attend!!  Here’s a message to the babysitter – deal with it while I am out on my night off this weekend –  you get paid NOT me!!

Now you tell me if you want this job?


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