It’s my kid’s party and I’ll cry if I want to

Kids and babies parties have become so super-competitive that I have been freaking out about my almost 1 year old’s first birthday party since his first ultrasound!

My main concern is the baking.  I am not the greatest cook as I have said before, and when a cake that I bake flops, it’s almost worst than if I would have failed the bar exams!  When we were babies my mom took a 6 month cake icing and decorating course and made us the most fabulous artisitic cakes ever to grace a birthday party, she made wedding cakes, buzzy bee cakes and I reckon if I would have asked for a Chippendale Cake with real strippers jumping out of it, she could have organised it for me.   Needless to say, I will be overjoyed to churn out a cake that rises in the tip for at least 5 cm and does not resemble roadkill of some sort.

I usually kill myself for these parties and the only ones who will actually be taking any notice are the parents, and not the kids, so who am I kidding here??

For Aiden’s first birthday we had it in a local park.  I killed myself preparing savouries and chips and schlepping all the party decorations and tables to the venue and I was 4 months pregnant too!  Then when we got there, there was another 1 year old’s party on the other side of the park, except they werent going old school – they had hired professional caterers, a massive jumpking castle, acrobats on stilts, you name it.  To my dismay and shame, Aiden’s croud of friends all instinctively started to migrate to the other party at the other end of the park, it was like a Serengeti migration to the better party ofr the last part of the morning, I was mortified and totally disappointed in myself.

SO for Jon Jon’s party I am going to go all out.   I have decided to personally blow up 100 assorted colour balloons and we are having not 1 but 2 pinyadas, and if I have to personally jump out of the cake for effect on the day, I will if that’s what it takes.  He better appreciate what his half dead mother is willing to do to throw the best best first birthday party he’s ever had!


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