It’s not about giving, it’s about receiving brands that matters

It’s not that I am ungrateful, I’m just not a massive fan of kids clothes that are emblazoned with great big motifs with glitter and embellishments that scream “Bob the Builder” and “Thomas the Tank Engine” and “Dora the Explorer”.  I just can’t stand these types of clothes, where your kid is practically a walking cartoon wearer, I am just not into that.  My absolute worst is the Wiggles Wardrobe, I just hate it!  A few months a go I took Aiden and Jon Jon to the Wiggles concert so I should have known what to expect. But I was still not prepared for the mass eyesore – whoah tooo much.

So, if you are reading this before Jon Jon’s birthday and you’re not sure what to get him, a sophisticated card will suffice with some touching wording if you please.  Or, if you are really feeling generous, we wont say no to boxed gifts of any size, or please remit payment forthwith to Jon’s Bank account number xx


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