My little boy says the cutest things

I know every mother thinks her child is a genius  – but my little Aiden, bless him, really has the best sense of humour and makes me crack up laughing every day with his antics, joking nature and interesting take on life and the world from his perspective – he seriously has me in fits sometimes – here are some highlights of his recent phrases – yes, I know I am probably the only one who will laugh at this post or even smile…

    1. Vacme (when I tell him “you vacuum”, he thinks the verb for him to vacuum is ‘vac-me”
    2. “good job mom” – this one’s heartwarming as it’s used almost all the time whenever I do ANYTHING – I love it so much as it makes me feel reassured that I am on track and doing good as a mom even when I not so sure
    3. “C-mon….poo” (when he’s on the loo at 11pm pretending to need to go and then making me laugh because we both know nothing’s coming!!)
    4. “Ssshh Jon Jon sleeping” (used when I SING OR TALK A lot – basically a polite wait of saying shuddup mommm)
    5. “HOw – I – How I” (whenever he sees a picture of a star, presumably from twinkle twinkle little star….aww cute)
    6. Starfish ( as above for 5)
    7. Phone Gaga/Zaida (a cry for help and telling me to call granny or grandpa!)
    8. Phone Hippo / Phone Kitty Cat (when he wants me to turn on the iPhone Application for a talking Hippo or Cat – anything for peace and quiet right!
    9. “See Saw Maw Daw” see saw margerie daw
    10. “Need a coffee mom” – when I tell Aiden I’m tired
    11. “Need cinno” Aiden needs a baby cinno
    12. Mommy Doctor – when I wear a medical mask to prevent the boys from contracting my germs
    13. Mommy Suntup – everyone gets the surname in the house as an add-on
    14. Tick tock – clock/watch
    15. Bob builder can fix – when something needs fixing
    16. Mommy come-ere – Mom come here – whining voice included
    17. Bath time, Bed -time, snack time, nap time – calling them out to me like the town cryer and pointing to my watch to tell me what’s next on our routine
    18. Big car, Big car – default for all cars
    19. Bee Bah – whenever we see or hear ambulance, or police car or fire engine
    20. Garage – the roller drawer on the kitchen counter that rolls down over the kettle and toaster
    21. Where’s dummy, where’s doudou bear – before he sleeps and asked with a very enquiring cute tone!
    22. Super Mom – now that I like to hear to make this  job feel important and worthwhile
    23. Good job / Good job mom – as above!
    24. Feel Sick, Call Doctor (this gem started in August 2010 following a trip to the doctor where he was declared to be in perfect health)
    25. Such a nice day, mom / Have a nice day (from September 2010, every time we have a reasonably good day, for example. at the shopping centre, visiting the ducks at the Double Bay Library and the like)
    26. My back/leg/arm/neck hurts (from September 2010, even when nothing hurts!)
    27. I Love you too much (from September 2010, I think he picked this one up from Gagga)
    28. Oh No Dear (from September 2010, I think he picked this one up from Gagga)
    29. Jeesiz Kyste / Aww myyyy Gawddd (from September 2010,  as above! Admit it mom!)
    30. Hi – Hi Mommy, I ready (upon waking from an afternoon nap in late September 2010, Aiden stood at the top of the staircase with his arms above his head grinning from ear to ear before he declared he was ready for the afternoon’s events to unfold!)
    31. Too loud (I first heard this one when we at the July 2010 Bondi Winter Festival and an old bird was singing next to her 200 year old husband who was playing the accordion in the barn when Aiden found it all too much and now he tells everyone when they are singing too loud or talking to loud or the music’s too loud, I thought he had hypersensitivity at first, maybe he still does????)
    32. I so tired (from September 2010)
    33. I need cupcape (I love this one)
    34. …in 1 minute ( I think he got this from me! as in I’ll do it in 1 minute!)
    35. Oh-kay Mom
    36. Jonny bear / Jonny Boy (Aiden’s nicknames for his baby brother)
    37. I did it!  I did it


More to follow when I can remember them….and have time to write them down!


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