Sleep deprivation – the worst form of torture

I wish I could do this post title justice and write about it properly but my almost 1 year old has just woken up for the second time tonight (AEST 10.52pm) and now my two and a half year old has also just woken up (AEST 11pm) as is the usual nightly habit around here.

Prisoners are often tortured using various methods of sleep deprivation – and now I completely get how this form of torture can prove to be highly effective, and even more so than starvation – having been subjected to both forms of torture myself since having kids!

You’re probably wondering why I don’t get to sleep now instead of going on my blog, well there is really no point in getting settled off to sleep if I’m just going to get woken every hour until it’s finally time to get up for the day to start at around 5.30am!

On any given night, there’s usually someone who wakes up and then we move around the house like stealth assassins so as not to wake the other sleeper in the house. However, sometimes it’s unavoidable and I feel like I operate a nocturnal petting and feeding zoo most nights here.

My skin would look about ten years younger if I had about 7 hours uninterrupted sleep I reckon, and I think my husband and I would be much less cranky if he ad a bit more sleep too. I guess we can always sleep when we’re dead, so there’s no use in complaining about it now!


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