Taking the easy way out

Very seldom does the printed word make my blood boil; However, today I read an article by Jacinta Blyth in the Sun Herald Magazine today (1 August 2010) which made me froth at the mouth and tuck into 3 slabs of chocolate simultaneously; 
reckons that motherhood is a cynch and that our generation is conditioned to complaining and groaning about how hard motherhood is and that we almost enjoy complaining.nbsp; She on the other hand thinks motherhood is a breeze.

She does concede that, admittedly, she has only 1 child – a 9 month old girl, who is a good sleeper and eater, who is healthy and happy in general.There are the basics.Then she admits that she works full-time as a newsreader while her kid is happily in daycare. Now how hard does that sound? From my understanding, this woman finds motherhood easy because she has pretty much opted out of all the hard, unglamorous day-to-day stuff, and she only has 1 kid, who is still a baby and a girl at that!

She shoved her kid in daycare so that she can be primped and primed in hair and makeup and dolled up in joujy designer suits on a daily basis to read the news and then pick up her kid after a day of sipping lattes and working- I’ve been there and I can tell you that even when I worked a full day at a corporate law firm while I was pregnant with my second baby, it was still the most chilled experience compared to my days now looking after the 2-year-old and 11 month old.

So, in theory, this Jacinta has not even had a taste of motherhood at full throttle, and she has no basis on which to posit her view that the rest of us all complain unnecessarily. And for the record, I don’t complain, I vent. Online. Not in public. It’s cheaper than therapy, far more convenient and the therapeutic benefits are endless!

More about this soon…I am presently seeking permission to reproduce excerpts of the article to evidence its absurdity!


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