The lucrative babysitting industry I have come to hate

I actually have plans for the next 2 Saturday nights and I am panicking already that we might get ‘cancelled on’ at the last minute or worse…

There are either no good babysitters out there or they are all too busy or financially sound enough not to be babysitters and are doing other stuff instead – who knows.  I have been burned too many times and I don’t really trust anyone to watch my kids when they’re awake (the kids that is!).  I know I have letting go issues but I have had such bad experiences with babysitters that I think my feelings are warranted.

I once babysat (I use the term “once” loosely as I only did it once until I had my own kids!!) and got paid $5 an hour in coins!  It was 15 years ago, mind you, but people still think I was getting ripped off!I still did a responsible, plausible job and was completely fair, tolerant and polite and I think I did a reasonable job (commesurate for the wage!)

Anyway – the breaking point for me was when I caught one nanny talking to her friend on her mobile phone while she was supposed t be bathing my older baby and then even had the audacity to keep talking once she realised she’d been caught in the act – the CHUTZPAH!  When I confronted her on the issue she actually had the cheek to tell me that the call was urgent – NO COMMENT!  Ever since then I don’t get daytime help.  Noone is as competent as I am to look after my kids – so have only myself to balme for he eye irritation thatI have in myleft eye which has now this week escalated to a severe twitch which makes me look like a crack addict when I look people in the eye for too long!

Still I am adamant I am not getting a nanny or sending my kids to daycare if I can keep this up and sustain my fulltime caring for the kids without a slide into insanity.  Plus, I keep going for the fact that if I can cut a deal with Lance one of these days, maybe we can work out an hourly rate which is half as good as what these nannies ($20 – $30 per hour) charge or maybe I can work myself up to a registered nurse wage ($30-$50 per hour).   Here’s hoping I’m as qualified for the job as I think I am!

And dont even get me started on my experiences with daycare – never again!


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