The Motherload Warzone: Part 2: Peacekeeping at Home and with the Babyboomer Grandparents

The Motherload Warzone: Part 2: Peacekeeping with the Babyboomer Grandparents

Grandparents these days aren’t what they used to be.  It seems that their genetic makeup has evolved quite dramatically over the past 30 years or so.  Today’s generation of grandparents are significantly younger in age than last generation’s grandparents and I think this is the key difference that defines our new breed of grandparents.  If you hone in on the new grandparent characteristics you will find some very attractive qualities coupled with some not so attractive characteristics that can sometimes be completely disappointing and distressing for today’s generation of moms.

My refined list of findings of our current grannies and grandpas can be set out a little like this:

The good bits (generalising of course):

  • they have way more energy than they used to because they keep fit and active
  • they are sometimes a bit more “with it” on some ideas – but are still a bit traditional and think our ideas are rubbish when it comes to breastfeeding, which as a trend really seems to skip a generation
  • they dont look so grannyish and tend to take of themselves physically much more than previous generations
  • they have a closer connection to our babies and don’t hold that the grandbabies should be ‘seen and not heard’ as much

the not so good bits

  • they are not always available to help and ‘need to check their schedules’ and book in a  babysitting ‘job’ months in advance once they have cleared it and booked it in as a meeting request on Microsoft Outlook Express, and also provided it does not conflict with a dinner double date with mates at the movies or a prior botox/personal trainer/dietician/hair appointment
  • they ‘are not spring chickens anymore’ and ‘need to take it a bit easier sometimes’
  • they trivialize our reliance on books and the internet for baby-related information
  • they still treat us like the kids even though we are parents too

With all this out there, I still have to say that when my mom comes to help with my babies she is super confident and energetic and above all loving and sweet with my boys.  she can run with it and get on with the job and I feel I can leave my children in her capable hands and not worry for one second.  I have to admit I would love her to be there more, but maybe she doesn’t want to get too used to the help or get too reliant upon it – I don’t know.  She helps as much as she can and on the occasions when Aiden has slept over there to give me some respite I am eternally grateful. Afterall, she’s raised her kids so any left over energy that she puts into my demanding babies’ needs is much appreciated anytime and every time.


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