You can take your advice and shove it

I am so tired of everyone offering me their excellent advice.

From random passers-by on the streets to well wishing strangers in the shopping centre.

Seriously, as a mother of 2 who has done this all alone for 2 years solid, I am pretty a qualified baby nurse when it comes to baby-related issues and I am so not up for unqualified people proffering the ultimate baby solution to be when they perceive me to be in a time of need and crying out for helpful advice from the outside world.

My absolute worst is when men, especially men from other older generations, try to offer some useful titbits to “help me along”. For instance, some gems that I have been offered of late include:

  • if you stop breastfeeding it will be much easier on you
  • bottle fed babies are much happier, we were all bottle fed (this one is actually universal and used across all older generations across the board as the holy grail of information that a young mother of today should take on board! it’s also one of my mom’s favourites)
  • give the baby a dummy, he really wants one (even after I’ve explained that my baby spits it out time after time and doesn’t want one)
  • your baby’s hungry, feed him, that’s why he’s crying (everyone’s a baby whisperer in disguise, moonlighting as a night nurse during the day when you happen to be pushing an overtired baby round the block)
  • toddlers don’t need a routine, they should fit in with your routine (pity my two active baby boys aren’t such massive fans of shoe shopping drinking coffee and reading Elizabethan novels on the beach for 5 hours straight in the sweltering sun….they should really fit into my routine!)

As mothers, we know our babies and their needs better than anyone.

So we should never cave under the pressure and feel forced to smile politely and take the obsolete advice.

As far as I am concerned, they can all take their advice and shove it!


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