Jon Jon turns 1 year old today, Aiden turns 2.5 years old and I got the new iPhone 4

I can’t believe that Jon Jon is 1 year old and Aiden is 2 and half years old and that I am about to turn 31 years old!! EEeeek.

So that I don’t feel completely old and out of touch Lance got me the new iPhone 4 today.  Basically, I have no idea how to use the thing and Aiden keeps telling me to “put it down mom” as I can’t figure the damn contraption out and I really miss my Nokia E71.  I then realised that if my 2 year old feels more comfortable navigating the Apps on my phone and my 1 year old uses my iPad keyboard as a teething toy then it’s me that needs to get up to speed and quick smart before I get back to work.  I use to count myself as someone who was quite techno savvy.  I even did a media law degree in the late 90s so I thought I was still quite with it.  That was until I got a rude shock the other day when I discovered that people are now using Windows 2007 and I didn’t even know about it.  I have become so distant from technology that I can barely work the automatic camera machines at the photo developing place, and I have no idea how to download music onto my iPod nano or iPod for that matter.  I feel proud of myself that I know how to upload photos to send out on a family email.

What’s happened to me in the last couple of years?  Is it me or is it that technology doesn’t wait for us to have kids and then start evolving again.  I am so petrified of becoming one of those moms who is so glued to the phone and email and camera that I forget to watch or connect with my kids.  Well, if that happens at least I know that I will have become an iPhone 4 expert and I’ll have some great videos of the kids on the beach like I took today to prove it!


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