My dream day off

I know that my husband, family, close friends and even strangers who meet me for the first time on the street all think that I’m wound up tighter than a super-sized tampon on any given day.  Fair enough, I admit it too, but the only thing to blame is that I desperately need a day off.  A mental health day, a day of R&R, a day in lieu, call it what you will, but I want an entire free day for me to enjoy as I please.

Realistically, I’m not going to get greedy – I just want one day to myself.  One full 24-hour day. An entire day to myself to do whatever I want.  Sure, I admit I do get off a few hours off here and there when my mom comes over to babysit some afternoons, but that gives me just enough time to get my routine dental or medical check up completed, or get the major grocery shopping done or get a much-needed haircut – the necessities that most normal adults schedule into their days without a thought.  However, with two active boys these sorts of things have become luxury events – pathetic isn’t it…It’s funny because Lance thinks I am selfish because I insist on going to get a coffee early in the morning before he goes to work – but it’s the only 10 minutes the entire day that I get to myself and I need the time out to start my day, so really, I think I deserve it.  Especially since I rarely get to shower or go to the toilet without an audience of at least two little people around and if I get to eat a proper meal, it’s seldom with a knife, fork and plate, usually I eat standing next to the kitchen bench or off the floor, depending on what’s easier and where the babies’ leftover food has fallen!

Often during my routine day-to-day activities I catch myself daydreaming about what I would do if I had a full day off.  Usually, I never get to get to complete the daydream, because there’s nothing quite like changing a massive, stinky poo nappy or having your hair pulled out in chunks by a shrieking 13 month old that jolts you back to reality. Then the truth hits me that the likelihood of this “day off” is not one to warrant even a proper daydream.  In one of my previous posts “All dressed up, sans kids, and nowhere to go” I contemplated the fact that I had some free time and had absolutely no idea what to do with it.  So, for this reason, I decided to put down in writing what I would do on my dream day off. 

So here goes – my dream day off top pick items – please note that this dream day-off wish list makes the following assumptions:

  1. I am taking the day off on the premise that I am guilt-free in the knowledge that someone of the highest competence, who my kids trust and love, is in charge of my kids and that that someone know there routine more intimately than me, my can handle any emergency without having to contact me
  2. I have an unlimited budget
  3. I have had a full night’s rest the night before and accordingly, my skin and face look fabulous, glowing and zit-free and I am not in a foul mood
  4. There will be no hangover and/or weight gain no matter what I consume

And now for my dream day off list.  Hmmmm, here we go:

  1. Wake up LATE in the finest suite of a luxurious hotel (destination TBA) with a brilliantly brewed skim flat white coffee with 3 sugars, kosher scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, pancakes and loads of maple syrup, strawberries, orange juice and Perrier water to wash it all down
  2. Digest, soak in the en suite spa for a long time, shower and wash my hair for ages
  3. Put on my hotel robe and slippers and sit on the balcony reading all the newspapers from cover to cover for ages
  4. Get dressed and go for a brilliant run from Bondi to Bronte and back (which I haven’t done for about 3 years!)
  5. Come back to the hotel suite and shower and lie at the pool for a swim and some Frangelico and lime with endless thick-cut hot chips with vinegar, while I get stuck into reading a new historical fiction novel
  6. Get a facial, massage, manicure and pedicure and later on professional make-up by MAC and awesome blowdry by the Blowdry Boutique
  7. Have the personal shopper arrive with the most gorgeous clothes, shoes and bags for me to try on and keep (I hate wasting time shopping for stuff like that but I do enjoy fashion so that would suit me fine)
  8. Meet some close friends for a beautiful lunch and drinks on a shining privately chartered white yacht
  9. Sailing, swimming in the ocean and snorkelling and relaxing for the afternoon
  10. Get dressed in a stunning cocktail dress and meet Lance for a romantic private dinner at the best restaurant in town and present him with a full wardrobe of brand new suits, shoes, belts, ties and shirts from me (that the personal shopper has selected to suit him perfectly
  11. Round off the gorgeous day at the hotel suite for a good night’s rest

I’m not asking much am I? Now for my fairy godmother (or real mother!) to get started granting my wish!


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