It’s not me it’s youTube

You’ve got to worry when your 2-year-old is more savvy with working your new iPhone 4 than you are and when he tells you to “put it down, Mom” and knows how to download an Application faster than you can make a call on the damned contraption!  Even my 1-year-old loves playing with my phone, the TV control, the T Hub screen and the iPod nano (as most babies these days do!)  When I was a baby I remember playing with my dad’s car keys for fun – it’s crazy how things have changed.  I really feel so out of touch and worry that I won’t be able to keep up.  I’ve mentioned my looming fear of technology in previous posts, but now I am becoming increasingly more worried.

My kids will probably never have to worry about making real human being friends in the real world, thanks to the confidence and instant access that Facebook and Twitter can grant you in the virtual world.  In fact, Aiden can already say Facebook and Twitter and knows how to work the FaceTime on my iPhone.  To make matters worse, on Friday I caught Jon Jon taking  photo of himself with my iPhone camera when he thought I wasn’t looking – let’s hope he hasn’t figured out how to upload the image and email it out enmass to all the girls in the playground before I get a chance to veto any unwanted messages from being dispatched! That’s if I can even figure out how to work the thing!


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