The Day of my Atonement


Every so often I feel guilty about certain things I’ve done. 

Guilt is such a terrible thing, it keeps me awake at night, making my mind overactive with drawing up endless mental lists of all the things I feel bad about. 

There’s no way to get rid of it.

Somehow I wish I could repent for these things that are commonly put down to a “Mother’s Guilt”, but truly there is no guilt quite like it. 

I never had any kind of guilt that came remotely close to the guilt I feel now as a mom, and since there’s no such thing as a Mom’s Day of Atonement here goes, I am going to purge myself of all things mommy-related that I feel bad about in a succinct, but honest bullet-point list, blow-by-blow.  I am truly sorry for all these things:

  • Letting Jon Jon cry in his cot for more time than necessary while I lie in bed a little longer in the morning
  • Getting super-cross with Aiden when he has a tantrum in public at the shops
  • Screaming at Aiden when he refuses to have his afternoon nap
  • Eating stacks of chocolate while hiding in the pantry cupboard so that the babies can’t see what I’m doing
  • Having a glass of wine on the occasional day (before 4pm) if it’s been impossible to put Aiden down
  • Swearing under my breath in front of my kids when my blood pressure has over boiled
  • Letting the babies watch cartoons for extended periods of time while I cook or do the laundry
  • Not saying please or thank you to Lance but snapping at him with 1 word replies
  • Not smiling when Lance gets home from work and forgetting to kiss him “hello” or ask how his day was and then flying out the door shortly after the babies have gone to sleep
  • Burning the dinner or making a rubbish meal
  • Not answering my house phone or screening my cell phone because I just don’t feel like talking to anyone
  • Hanging up on survey callers or charity callers when they phone my house
  • Not cleaning the bathrooms or vacuuming the house for a week
  • Briefly checking out hot guys when they are walking in the opposite direction to me when I push the pram on the beach promenade
  • Being short or rude to my mom or dad or mother-in-law when they call and I’ve had a really hard day
  • Being sarcastic or rude to unobliging strangers at the supermarket/park/street

Now I know that list doesn’t compare to what some mothers are capable of when they get pushed over the edge (take the recent case of the mother of three that admitted recently to drinking 1 litre of wine before getting into her unregistered car and driving 5 kids around before having a car accident – by the way, on air she said she was “really, really sorry…” but I still feel really, really bad about these things (and a few others that I don’t have the guts to commit to paper)!

My only hope is that by putting all this down in writing it will somehow ease a tiny amount of the enormous guilt that I constantly battle with.   If not, well, there’s nothing that a good glass of Chardonnay can’t fix!


2 thoughts on “The Day of my Atonement

  1. Sunnymommy! keep up the great blogs- soon you are going to have a massive following! thank gd- ANOTHER MUM that knows what its like! I think hiding in the pantry is dignified- I dont bother to hide anymore !!!!
    love your work

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