Developmental milestones of a 31 year old, a 33 month old and a 15 month old

Whilst, turning 31 today is really neither here nor there in terms of landmark ages in a person’s life, I think I personally have a lot to be greatful for over the past 3.1 decades.

From a developmental milestone perspective I think I can tick all my life goals-boxes to date (but for the fact that I am so not supposed to still be getting pimples at this ripe old age of 31 – just can figure this one out!) I have established a career as a young lawyer (albeit that its been put on hold on and off for the past 3 years). I’ve got a nearly 7 year-old marriage under my belt. I’ve had two G-d sent, natural births yielding two magnificent, baby boys. I’ve acquired some significant life experience and some annoying facial wrinkles, which bother me from time to time but not all the time. I still get asked for ID when I go out, which shows I have aged well (people tell me!) but then I get the retroverted respect a girl of my age deserves (and a rude awakening as well) when I get called “Madam” at the grocery store!

Moving on to the developmental milestones of my fabulous boys – which I will try not to map on to the textbook milestones that I used to obsess about with my firstborn but don’t really worry about too much anymore.

My big boy – WOW – I can’t believe he’s going to be 3 years old soon. That is so scary that my baby is becoming a pre-schooler in 1.5 months. He constantly surprises me with his naughtiness and unbounded energy. A truly unique character with an abundant sense of humour and connection with me. My little grown-up in a little boy’s body. He makes me melt when he says thinkgs like “Mommy, I can’t give you a hug, I too busy” or “There’s Daddy’s work (pointing to the office towers), but where’s Mommy’s work?” or “Mommy, I have such a big appetite!”. He handles my iPhone like a pro and loves helping round the house (he’s just started a new thing where he carries his plate to the kitchen, unpromted, after each snack or meal – amazing! So, even when he smashes plates and my favourite porcelain soap dish to smithereens and climbs on the top of the kitchen counter and absails off, I can never be cross with him for too long. Just please pray that he doesn’t burn the pre-school down on his first day. I’ve already notified the teaching staff that he’s quite a handful and that unless it’s life threatening I really must not be contacted by the school. Whild he may have regressed on the toilet training a bit lately and sometimes wakes up at night still, and might not be able to unpack his own lunch – at $12,000 per annum I think they are covered to deal with little handfuls, don’t you agree!

My little baby boy, my second born little darling child. Today is the first day since he was born that I haven’t breastfed him. I only stopped swaddling him a few months ago – poor guy – just after he turned 1. When I bath him it’s like wrestling a baby crocodile, he is incredible strong and agile, but not yet walking, but that’s OK. He’s been climbing up and down the stairs unaided for the past month or so. He has such an incredible vocabulary, which includes gems like “up, down, jumpy jumpy, tickle wickle, mommy, daddy, gagga, juan juan, babba, apple (which refers to all red fruits), bee (which refers to birds), bee ba (which refers to all cars and motorbikes), big car, hello (said while holding a phone to his ear), no no no (said while shaking head). All this at just 15 months and 2 weeks old. Another little genius that I’ve produced!

So I really don’t take much strain trying to go through the textbook developmental milestones any more. I’m much more proud of the personal milestones we’ve reached. Much more satisfying and not stressful at all!


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