When a slab of chocolate is not enough

Loyal followers, please please forgive me for my month-long blog hiatus. Trust me I have been dying to post new posts for absolute ages but both babies were sick for a while (Jonny bear for the first time ever, bless him) so you can understand that I had to give my full attention to the little guys – without whom I would have absolutely no reason to have a blog in the first place.

I have loads of new material that I can’t wait to share – but for now it’s just a matter of having the time to get it all down and favouring writing over sleeping – I’ll sleep when I’m dead, right? After all, if there’s no me, then who would take responsibility for the boys?

After 3 tiring years of child-rearing ‘Sunnymommy’ style, my fabulous husband has finally cottoned on that a slab of chocolate simply is not enough and that after 15 full months of doing it tough, he’s granted me a well-deserved sabbatical and has booked me into a hotel ON MY OWN for 4 glorious nights of rest and relaxation. The red flag for this break came when every stranger that I have encountered over the past week asked me why I’m so anxious and stressed. When strangers are worried about you, then you know that you’re pretty close to going off the edge and that no amount of chocolate is going to get you right.

Heaven knows what I can get up to on my own for this long. At first, I was worried that I would be overcome by guilt, but I am sure that emotion will be washed over once I get used to going to the loo on my own, soaking in the tub for a while, luxuriating in my robe and slippers, sipping on a chocolatte on the balcony and blow-drying my hair instead of letting it drip-dry like a shaggy dog (as usual)! A big shout out must go to my amazing mom for taking care of the babies for me over the weekend. I reckon after this weekend my nearest and dearest will gain a small understanding as to why I am like a stealth-hunter-pyscho-assassin on high-alert all day and night long. I am beyond lucky, because I know there are hundreds of saturated moms out there who never ever get a break – I don’t know how they don’t crack under the pressure, because I think if I don’t have this break now I am likely to crack in a serious way – so this break was more of a mental time out as opposed to a selfish, laze-fuled junket. But I definitely do spare a thought for those selfless moms who aren’t as lucky as me to have treat like this thrown there way – I know I beyond blessed for this break!

Enough pysho-anal-lyzing for now – I’m off to treat myself to some lunch and a spot of shopping and maybe a few cocktails before I go lie round the pool. xxx


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