Sweet sixteen (months old)

My baby is no longer a baby in technical terms but to me he’s still my baby. I only stopped swaddling him about 3 months ago, poor guy. But I just can’t get over how advanced he is, for an offspring of mine, that is. Usually, the trend is that my kids are speaking in full sentences before they walk but my little guy has been crawling since he was about five months old and on the 1st of January 2011 he stood up on his own, pushed himself up from the floor and took about 12 consecutive steps towards me, my little child prodigy, at 16 months and 2 weeks old.

My baby is so grown up I can thirdly believe it. In the last few weeks he’s refused to sit in his high chair point-blank and insists on sitting at the little table with his big brother for all meals. He loves being part of the arts and crafts at the table too and loves painting and drawing. He’s a brilliant eater and he loves fruit the most. health wise, he has his second sniffle of his entire life now, and I panic and fly towards him with a Kleenex when there’s the slightest hint of a runny nose. He is really robust and is growing so rapidly. He likes to walk up the stairs holding onto the side of the railing and enjoys sliding down the stairs like a snowboarder, which causes me to have heat failure each time he does it! He’s fearless and loves the water, the beach and the pool and throwing a ball. He’s so sporty and coordinated that I have to ask myself daily if he really is related to me!

He loves dancing to music and he vibes like a little miniature trance clubber whenever he hears dance music, which is exactly how I know he’s mine! He loves singing too and knows the words to “Row Row Row your boat”, “Twinkle Twinkle”, “Old MacDonald (ee eye ee eye oh)”, “See Saw, Margerie Door”, “Ten in the Bed …rollover rollover”.

In short, he’s a text book baby, although he is still quite attached to a breastfeed here and there to send him off to sleep – as much of a crutch for me as for him.

But it’s his incredible vocabulary and expressions that surprises me the most and is an endless source of entertainment and joy. He has an ever-expanding dictionary of words and absolutely loves reading books to himself and having books read to him. In short, a baby genius already.

His favorite words at the moment are (in alphabetical order for ease of reference and so as to not exclude all usages) apple, ant, Aid (for Aiden) ball, book, baby, bee bah, car, broken, fixit, computer, cucumber, cracker, corn, Daddy,down, doggy (or wawwa), eyes, elephant, fishy, gagga, go, home, jon jon, look, mommy, mamma,num num orange, poo, strawberry, sushi, toothbrush, up and zaida. He also knows how to make almost all the animal sounds when he points out their pictures, often accompanied with the most unusual renditions of their sounds – so creative and amazing!

Every time I’m having a hard day, I remind myself that I have reared both these babies on my own and that, especially with my youngest, that I have done a bloody fantastic job and that he is so bright and amorous with a sweet nature and an infectious laugh that brings me so much pride and happiness, a real gift I think, and a major contribution to this world on my behalf.

It’s almost impossible to document all the unbelievable things that my babies do and say each day, I just I hope that the memories will stay with me in mind and heart always – that’s the safest repository anyway – although it does make it difficult to brag to full capacity!


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