Smoked salmon + grated cheese – we can all change

My kids are the most seasoned food critics and fussiest eaters you will ever, ever meet!  They are probably the only toddler and preschooler boys you will ever meet that are happy to chow down on broccoli (hot or cold) with every meal, but absolutely will not eat lamb chops – go figure!  It does make each mealtime a guessing game because every mom wants their kids to eat well and eat lots – but for me I am more about what I can learn from their diets – forever overanalyzing – I know!

It’s the weirdest thing – Jon Jon didn’t touch smoked salmon for absolute ages and then one day, he just got stuck into an entire platter of Tassals Smoked Salmon – he was practically begging me for the dill and cream cheese on the side!  Then Aiden went completely off yellow cheese for about 6 months.  Then, suddenly, overnight he was demanding cheese on toast for breakfast and for his school lunch.

I thought to myself, if they can change their eating tastes – and be bold to try new things – well then so can I can I. 

So I decided to take it slowly.  Baby steps.  I haven’t yet mustered up the courage to let a tomato touch my lips, chew and swallow (GROSS!) but I have indeed made progress.  Yes mom, you are finally proved correct – I have had to bow to the pressure and buy tomatoes for my boys and yes, even handle them (with rubber gloves, mind you!) cut them up, and serve them with a laboured smile plastered across my face (while I scurry back to the kitchen in disgust, close to on-call throwing up!).  

But it’s more than just conquering my immense fear of tomatoes (which by the way, is the boys’ absolute favourite vegetable – Jon Jon is so obsessed with tomatoes that he pointed to a picture of a chocolate cake and told me that it had a tomato on top – not a cherry!)

It really makes me think that we can all change.

No, I am not yet bold enough to attend some crazy Tomato Festival or anything, and I doubt I ever will willingly and consensually eat a tomato (and swallow) but I might be willing to try to change my other ways in life. 

Even sometimes the things that make us cringe can even become palatable and we may even end up enjoying them.  That goes for everything in life I guess.  We just have to stop being such big babies and pluck up the courage to dispel our fears and deep-seated stubbornness and be brave to try new things or try old things that have held us back all our lives.



2 thoughts on “Smoked salmon + grated cheese – we can all change

  1. One of my kids loves all kind of Salmon and the other one, my son only likes Smoked Salmon or Salmon jerky…. great food. I’m so lucky I get to feed them tons of it!

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