My mid-baby crisis

So I think I may be having a mid-baby crisis.

I am really thinking seriously about how I would love to have a 3rd child – just because I dig my newborn baby vibe so much and also because I think I am up for the challenge.

But then, in my next thought stream, I am dying to fast-track on a jet plane somewhere far away and exotic and alone for an extended period of time.  Or I’m having fantasies about speeding around in that black convertible sports car that I should have been driving by now. 

Although I love my little family unit at the moment – 4 is an even number and all the family holiday competitions are only ever for a family of 4, there’s the 4 wheel drive and the 4 in 1 family meal deal everywhere you go –  I can’t help but think that if we don’t get a move on with the ominous “Number 3” (sounds like a Bond double agent!) we may wait too long, get too comfortable in our lives and miss out on the greatest gift in life, the gift of being able to bring life into this world.

G.d knows, I am not sure if this world is ready for us to unleash a 3rd product of me and my husband on the world.  We have been known to produce offspring that are indeed ‘easy on the eye’, but no so easy on our fellow human beings in the shopping centres, coffee shops, parks, playgrounds and other public arenas!  But still, I think it would be worth the extra effort!

Nearly everyone I see is onto their 3rd child, with the previous siblings spaced a non-cognizant and almost non-consensual 2 years apart.  This is becoming a real trend I think. 

 The general mindset seems to be “pop them out one-by-one.  Don’t think too much about it.  Just do it before you get too comfortable in your life, do it basically, before you start moving the glass ornaments back onto the glass coffee table and reading bedside novels before you go to sleep each night (for the full night)!”

For the record, my “baby” boy turns 2 years old in 1 month’s time.  So, give me a year or so to mill over this mid-baby crisis I’m having. 

Who knows, in 1 year’s time you’ll either see me behind the wheel of a BMW M3 or the latest tri-Bugaboo Pram!


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