Hurricane Irene – you ain’t got nothing on me

Most days it feels like I need to batten down the hatches for something worse than Hurricane Irene – like maybe Hurricane Irene’s long-lost Australian cousin with a vengeance!  Between 4pm and 8pm I can barely cope with the situation, I am frazzled beyond belief and the routine of bathing, feeding, and going to bed is a frenzied panic where it’s me vs. the 2 killer boys – survival of the fittest – and believe me, I am not the fittest.  By 8pm I can barely stand up and I am hobbling after my boys like the Hunch Back of Notre Dame!

Here’s a snapshot of how a typical day can spiral out of control – but I never have my phone handy when the sh-t hits the fan for fear of dropping it from a dizzy height.  Hence – you need to look beyond the happy images and squint your eyes like when you’re at a traffic light and fatigue deceives your eyes to the point where you can’t tell the difference between a red and a green light!

Relaxing after-school outing to Watsons Bay. Boys were dangling on the edge of the wharf straight after this calm shot


A soothing trip to the Discount Chemist. Straight after this picture the boys decided to unpack every shelf in the store. Nice one.

Relaxing before dinner and the boys' pre-dinner punch-up

Dinner is served, well, what's left of it



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