Too much of a good thing makes it all better

As far as I’m concerned – the only time that too much of a good thing makes it bad is when it comes to multi-tasking.

That’s the only thing you can have too much of.

For me, all the other stuff, well, you can never have too much of a good thing. Or in other words, the more you have, the better you feel  and the less pain there is.

Too much of these good things makes it all better for me – and – can never, never make it bad:

  1. Chocolate
    I’ve recently upsized, and moved on from discrete bite size bars (which I finish the whole bag of anyway) to family sized blocks – it’s the only thing that makes me feel utterly joyous and happy after a stressful incident or too. 
  2. Parking spaces
    This one is self-explanatory – especially in the cramped school parking grounds and shopping centre in Sydney’sEast. 
  3. Glasses/Bottles/Crates of wine
    Yes, yes, I know that copious glasses of wine will inevitably yield a shocking hangover the morning after, but at the time, well the numbing, soothing effect is undeniably brilliant, and always effective in dulling out the nagging. 
  4. Kid crack*
    *AKA “shut up and let me grocery shop so we can get the hell out of here” food, including chips, Chuppa Chup lollipops (only to be sucked, not chewed or bitten! – my rule) and ice-cream.  You can never have enough kids junk food in snack sizes on hand when you need to run boring, but essential errands like grocery shopping, prescription filling at the chemist, school pick-ups and any other mundane kid-averse requisite activities.
  5. Sleep
    Having barely slept in the past 4 years, I can never get too much sleep, especially in the morning if my darling husband lets me lie in better for an extra half hour longer while he gets the kids ready for me – bliss…
  6. Free time
    Ahh, hold that thought – not sure if I have much experience to type much on this one, but I imagine it would be deliriously good in massive chunks.
  7. Holidays (in luxury accommodation, only, of course)
    Don’t think I’ve ever heard someone complaining “Arggh, I’ve been to the South of France, Italy and Greece 3 times in the past 3 summers and I am absolutely sick of it – no more holidays for me for a while!”  Need I say more, other than, book my first-class tickets to the Maldives or die, Travel Agent
  8. Sex
    I decided to “take 1 for the team” so this item’s on my list for all those of you who  don’t think that too much of “this” good thing makes it bad!
  9. Help
    It’s so hard to find good help these days, as I often complain about.  I can proudly report I have not had a cleaner or nanny in the vicinity of my house for a good 2 years – liberating, but bordering on madness and martyrdom. So lately,  I’ve taken to helping friends (on a reciprocal basis) – because it’s free and slightly more reliable, with a negligence and liability factor that is quite a bit more attractive than an under-experienced, over-confident Gen-Y brat/babysitter (Not you, baby brother – you’re different, of course!)
  10. Make-up
    You need only to take a look at the quality of my skin to realise that too much of a good thing like Chanel foundation and base are not only essential for my self-esteem, but also necessary to avoid frightening my kids, their friends, their friends mothers and the broader public.  I should also add that I would much rather look ‘fake’ than display my “actual” pimply skin to the world!  Hence the reason why my makeup could put Lady Gaga to shame, and that I look like a hung over Moulin Rouge extra wearing too much cheek blush at the early morning school drop-offs.  What’s more, last night my mother Facetimed me from Italy and even she, my own mother, had to do a double-take when she saw the condition of my chin up close.  (To be fair though, the iPhone camera is even harsher than a television camera and I was competing with the spellbinding view of the Amalfi Coast!)
    The list ends here because I only wanted to highlight some of the good things that you can never have too much of, but not to worry, my list is growing to “make it all better”.   Point in case.  Too much of a good thing makes it all better, not bad!


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