This is how we roll

So I’ve decided to get personal.

Strip down.

Tear down the barriers and facades and take a break from hiding behind randomly googled images and hot Barbie versions.

I wanted to show you how we really look during those dark and unpredictable hours between after-school pick up and before bedtime.

What you see is what I get – every afternoon of every day.  Super fun, high-energy, and all in a day’s work.

 Before I forget, to all you good Samaritans out there –  please hoot loudly  if you see me sleeping at the traffic lights next to you between 5pm and 6pm tonight.  I’ll be the one in the driver’s seat of the 1000 year old car with 2 screaming tigers in the back and sleep drool sliding down the side of my face.  Thanks xoxox

*Interview notes (in preparation for when I’m famous for this job some day soon):  Yes, this was all in 1 week and No, I still don’t have any groceries in the fridge or pantry!

Gap should be paying for for all the cross promotion - must get onto that, stat!


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