A Place I pushed my pram to – last week

Actually, I left the pram at home for this one.

But – only because it was an evening event and I actually wanted to come out at night on my own and without food on my top and knots in my hair.

I attended the Online Anti-Ageing Event and Expo at Hugo’s in Kings Cross.  Great night, great products and interesting people.

Sadly, no free Botox was on offer, but I did get to meet my future plastic surgeon – who by the way guessed my exact age.  I blamed it on the harsh lighting, supermarket cover-up and late hour.   I was absolutely mortified because  it was the first time in my life that a man has ever made me older than 25 and guessed my age right (or had the balls to say it out loud!).

Anyway, the event was the very kick in the pants I needed to get me to start taking my beauty regime seriously now that I’m
‘getting on’ and to learn to take my make-up off like a grown up – meaning using something more than a Johnson’s baby wipe.

I even exfoliated, cleansed and moisturised. Twice.

Me and Sam Brett at the BNS Event


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