My Innocent Kids | Experiment I

Anyone else out there tried this fabulous ‘child entertainment’ with their little ones? 

It’s one of my all-time favourite tricks when you’re out in a coffee-shop trying to chillax or if you’re out and need to do something mundane and there is nothing around to entertain the kids but a newspaper or local magazine.

If I ever find myself in that situation (which I make sure happens infrequently or next to never) I quickly page through to the closest magazine and point to various people / pets / places / cars and ask the kids “Whose that?” or “What’s that?”

The responses I receive are always unabashedly honest, raw and down-right hysterically funny!

To illustrate by example – when I point to a picture of our prime minister, Julia Gillard, Aiden will say “that’s our grandma in South Africa“.  If I point to a white Porsche in the Drive Section of the newspaper, Jon Jon will exclaim “that’s your car, Mom!”.  But the absolute best is when your kid honestly believes that you are the model in the photo of a catalogue.

In cases like these, pictures speak louder than words. 

Here is the latest catalogue that I apparently feature in on every page and on the front and back covers. Aiden was with me in my dressing-room and pointed up, excitedly shouted “Mom, up there, in your locker [my dressing-room shelf], that’s a picture of you”.  Ahhh,  If only…

Striking resemblance of me, wouldn't you say!


One thought on “My Innocent Kids | Experiment I

  1. You bear a much stronger resemblance to that model than I do to the ones my boys have mistaken me for!!!
    Love, your supermarket mum buddy 🙂

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