How abstinence paid off (in the end)

The Real Housewife of Sydney getting some REAL birthday love from these gorgeous Aussie Bum models that just happened to be on the Channel Seven set on the same morning as me! Now that's some birthday luck!

I always knew that I wanted to wait until I got married before I “did the deed” but I was never really quite sure if it was the wisest choice or best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

Especially, after seven years of marriage I often wonder how my life might have been different had I decided not to “wait”.

Well, after today, I can clearly say that abstinence was well and truly worth it.  But not from the ‘long-lasting relationship’ or ‘moral code’ perspective.  No, rather abstinence was my golden ticket to getting on TV to proudly cement my decision live on morning television for the entire world to see.  To show that I survived “the wait” and am still in a loving marriage after 7 years, 2 kids, 4 house moves, 3 job changes each.

Abstinence paid off in such a big way for me that it made sure that I had one of the best birthdays ever.

My morning started as a decent birthday girl’s should.  Husband stayed home from work and granted me a half-day leave pass to go and “have some time off without the kids“.  I flew out of bed with spring in my step knowing that the only thing standing in my way was the dirty 6am nappy I had to change.  So, after dealing with that minor road block  I was on my merry way to the best day ever.

Yes – today was indeed my best birthday ever.  Better than chocolate.  Better than comfortable high-heels.  Better than a good hair day.  Better than unengorged breasts.  Better than a 9am sleep-in on a weekend.  Better than a public holiday on a rosterred work day.  And, better than the impossible prospect of a painless Brazilian wax.

After all, what could be better than wearing a WHITE dress (which would normally be the virtual magnet for toddler fingers coated in pizza sauce and muddy puppies on the pavement) and long, dangly earrings while drinking a perfect cup of coffee in a cab driving away from the screaming children?

Not a whole lot could top all that, except of course today when I got to do all that, have time off and appear live on national TV on Channel 7’s The Morning Show with Larry Emdur, Fifi Box and Dr Nikki Goldstein.  Sure, I was prepared to talk about anything.  Even my abstinence.  Yes, I do go far for a morning off – I know!

I definitely made the most of my morning off.  I luxuriated in the hair and makeup room and made sure that I snuggled up to some Aussie Bum underwear models for good measure.

Yes, today abstinence definitely paid off and it was so worth the wait.

Click on the word –  here to watch me in action, or take a look at me with the fabulous Dr Nikki G below:


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