Always a Bride, never a Bridesmaid

Me and Cousin Cherry from Melbourne. Love the family reunion

So I’m not one of those girls who aspires to be a bridesmaid and will make it her life’s mission to befriend every acquaintance, frenemy or ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend in the dying hope of one day maybe forming a deep friendship that may one day lead to a bridesmaid proposal.

In fact, I can proudly proclaim that I have only ever been a bridesmaid for some crucial weddings.  And only by coercion and the promise of free food and alcohol.

Bearing all this in mind, when my darling baby sister asked for the pleasure of my bridesmaid (make that Maid of Honour, I think she asked that?) services, curiousity and family pride got the better of me and I accepted, much against my better judgement.

Turns out it was actually a fabulous day.  Bar for a few minor set backs (like: both my sons being struck down with a 3 day gastro bug leading up to and on the day, with the Hummer ride to the wedding exacerbating the side-effects of the virus somewhat! Not to mention my dress strap snapping off mid-official ceremony. Major wardrobe malfunction for those that didn’t have their eyes trained firmly on the bride!)

Being the compulsive blurter that I am I did work very hard the entire day at holding my tongue and charging up to her to let her know that it’s all a big farce and that once the dress is off and the professional hair and makeup have worn off, then the real deal kicks in. For life.  Minus the photographers, the caterers and the handsome groomsmen, that is


2 thoughts on “Always a Bride, never a Bridesmaid

  1. ooh nice dress!! you look pretty hot. I am still waiting for my fancy wedding. We got married in a hurry in a registry office and now we are thinking of having a more fancy beach wedding so I may just wear a thong like pammy anderson 😉

  2. Emma my darling – truly I think the fact that you haven’t had the big fancy wedding is why you are happy and hot together my friend!

    The Beach wedding sounds awesome … I always wanted a beach wedding but it wasn’t suitable at the time. My sister’s beach wedding was stunning plus, since I was just the bridesmaid I had no qualms about taking off my shoes and running around in the sand before the reception.
    PS. I am sure your beach wedding thong will blow Pammy’s out of the water one day!

    Love ya 🙂

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