The REAL Real Housewife of Sydney

There’s a lot of talk in Sydney at the moment about a show called The Real Housewives of Sydney.

Yes, I’m the first one to admit that there are housewifes in Sydney.  Loads of them, in fact.  However, there is only one Real Housewife of Sydney – and that’s me.  Hook, line and sinker.  So, to set the record straight –  yes, I may be a a bit on the quiet side about publicising myself.

But that’s just because I pride myself in being a quiet achiever.  I work hard (with my two boys, my housework, my real work, my real home-cooked meals) and I play hard (well, most of the time and, yes, I admit I haven’t been out on the town in about two weeks, so that’s why the bars are probably down on revenue at the moment).  But most of all I do it in the real way.  I make people laugh because I say the things that everyone is thinking but no-one is bold and brave enough to say.  I make other housewives feel not so alone in their crusade of housework and motherhood.  And yes, it is a crusade, a battle, a mission with the promise of a triumph always in sight.  Somewhere, in the back of the housewife mind there’s an eye on the prize. 

Why do we housewives do it all? – Because, surely, there’ll come a time when you’ve pushed out enough babies, washed all the dishes, changed all the linen, settled enough tantrums and mopped up enough food spills, a sense of normalcy will be established and we can sit back and admire our fabulous work – hopefully before we snap (or we’ve drunk all the wine in the house!)

I’m not afraid to put everything out there and nothing can stop me (unless of course hubby darling shuts down this site and sets me on the straight and narrow path of less-joking-and-more-working!).

But for now, I look forward to entering your lives on a bigger scale really soon.  I’m working hard to get my word out there from the paper and cyberspace to real media like TV with the The Real Housewife of Sydney Reality Show and radio.

So, watch this space, because the next time I’m sitting around at home alone waiting for hubby darling to come home from work for dinner and stuffing my face with chocolates in the pantry in the meantime, chances are you’ll be watching me from your couch at home and having a good old-fashioned laugh with me! 


5 thoughts on “The REAL Real Housewife of Sydney

  1. You are the original and the best Sydney Housewife! Like you I call a spade a proverbial shovel and am waiting for the call to appear on The Real Housewives of Baltimore…even if I know it will probably lead to me getting FF implants and a divorce from hubby. But who cares I’ll be a star!!! Have you seen Real Housewives of NY that’s my favorite?

  2. Love you Emma Darling! I could so see you on the show – slinky cozzie, 1L cocktails on hand as the hunky pool boy tops up your drink poolside and the kids are fast asleep somewhere taking a really long nap.

    I say why wait, bring it already. Let’s shake things up with the real housewives – Get your agent/team of agents onto it!

    As for me, I have to admit I haven’t even seen FULL episode of any of the RH show – my 4 year old wakes every night through the night like a newborn so I’m lucky if I cantch a snippet of a cartoon show here and there on TV!

    Anyway – this radio station is Sydney is running a dodgy take on the show which is going to sully my reputation when it grants some wannabeehouswives 5 minutes of fame – grrrr. If only I had more time and more energy and more Red Bull – then I’d….

    Any words from the wise my friend?

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