Stuck in traffic – and loving it!


I am not one to rate being stuck in traffic – especially in Sydney I absolutely detest it. 

In fact, I actually credit the before-school-pick-up Sydney mummy-traffic as one of the leading causes of my slow and steady descent into madness.  However, since all the recent traffic (online, that is) is being diverted my way – I have to smile

No, actually I have to shriek with gleeful delight

Call it good karma, call it misdirected google searches, call it negative publicity seeking and finding justice, call it what you like, but I like to think of my new-found fame (scratch that: 700+ hits on average a day) as nothing but sheer joy after some months of quiet.

Yes, the ides of March are nigh, but the small arrow of accomplishment in my blog ‘quill’ (that analogy comes from being up till 4.30am but I still love it all the same) makes me so proud and gives me the motivation to hold my head up high and push my pram even faster in my heels as The Real Housewife of Sydney.

I also have some big news.

No – I am not with child [III] (yet).

The Real Housewife of Sydney is going to be a published-on-paper author very soon – because – as Theodore Herzl once said “if you will it, it is no dream”. 

But in the meantime, I am going to try my luck at winning The Australian Best Blogger for 2012 (or at least getting a teeny, tiny mention). So please, vote for me when I ask you in the next weeks. 

In turn, I promise to reward you generously – in words, pictures and face-to-face if necessary! 


6 thoughts on “Stuck in traffic – and loving it!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Te. Glad you had the time and energy to read AND comment! Kepp reading and keep fathering – you look like you were born for being a dad! But I’m sure you’re looking very forward to your post-Pesach beer my friend!

  1. will definatly send votes your way, been ages. Loving all your blogs. next time Im in Sydney we must catch up xoxoxox

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