How to Stop Sleeping Around

Over the past 2 weeks I reckon my darling husband and I have done more sleeping around than most people would care to admit to.

To be clear, I’ve slept in a cot/bed, on the floor, in a Louis bedside chair, but very rarely in my own bed.  What is with kids and jumping out of bed after midnight?  Both my boys were reasonably good sleepers until about 2 months ago.  Now, on any given night at least one or both are up, which means dirty dinner plates left at the sink all night long, lights left on downstairs all night with the wet laundry congealing in an abandoned basket somewhere in the darkness downstairs while hubby darling and I play bedroom tag with our 2-year-old and 4-year-old newborns!

Forget the Hunger Games – I’m sure if someone made a movie about the Sleep Deprivation Games directed by kids, for us parents to watch I reckon it would be a guaranteed blockbuster!

I am somewhat comforted by the fact that I know that I am not alone.  Some of my brave comrades in arms (read – other sleep-deprived parents and good friends of mine) have owned up to these night time antics too.  But the burning question remains, as fun as it is burning calories running from bedroom to bedroom at 2am,stubbing your toe on a pile of camouflaged hardcover bedtime books or piercing your heel on tiny, but efficient Bob the Builder tool – how does one stop these little guys from stealing out of their rooms every single night and bopping us exhausted parents over the head to wake us up and join them in their beds?

So, this is my official shout-out.  Or my unofficial cry for help:

If you’ve personally won the war on insomniac preschoolers or have some practical tips to taming truant toddlers at night – please leave me a comment.  Otherwise, please kindly heed to the “Do Not Disturb” sign on my bedroom door and come back at a sensible time in the morning!




5 thoughts on “How to Stop Sleeping Around

    • Thanks Kimmie! Fingers crossed for tonight! Both asleep for now time to pour the vino!

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  1. Read toddler taming by dr Christopher green it is the bible of behavioural issues in kids. Husband a paediatrian and says its the best book. I reread it all the time.

    • Thanks Bindy! I’m going to get my hot, tired little hands on it soon! Can’t wait for some practical solutions. But until then, have shipped the kids off to see a movie with their Dad and Grandpa! Yay, got some free time to hang up the laundry and put on another load. Keep reading! And keep super-mothering!

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