Free Giveaway | Double Pass | SJ Writers Festival 2012

I am so super-excited to be presenting at the SJ Writers Festival 2012. Wow – it’s tomorrow night!

This has been one of my dreams come true and I can’t believe it’s actually happening.  Who would have thought my little old blog deserved its own place in a public, tangible forum? For the first time since the Festival’s inception, bloggers (that includes me!) are being invited to share their thoughts on why they use the powerful medium of the internet to publicly.  I am sure the energy is going to be high and I can’t wait to share in this experience with everyone there.  It was only four short years ago that my little sister, who has been my biggest inspiration in this whole experiment, suggested I start a blog instead of just “complaining about stuff all the time”.  I took her suggestion up in a small way never thinking that much could amount from it.  But – reflecting back, well, I’ve come a long way.  I am about to go live at a proper Writers Festival with real people who are going to come and hear about what drives me to blog plus I am about to launch my e-book very, very soon.

To celebrate this massive milestone  – i.e. to mark my coming of age as a blogger that is – I am giving away a FREE double Pass to the SJ Writers Festival for Monday 28 August 2012.

To be in the running to win simply book a babysitter and then  – update your Facebook status to “I’m going to see The Real Housewife of Sydney at the SJ Writers Festival 2012 – are you?”

The Sydney Jewish Writers’ Festival runs from Saturday 25 August until Tuesday 28 August.

Opening Night / Saturday 25 August takes place at the Law Theatre in the Law Building at the University of NSW. The program on Sunday 26th, Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th August takes place at the Eric Caspary Learning Centre, Shalom College, at the University of NSW. For more information, see Venue.

Click for a downloadable version of the program.


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