The Life Change Challenge – Me vs Inertia

So this past week I have had a completely spell-binding life change experience.  I’m going to reveal what it was in one of my upcoming posts, which is underway as we speak – but you’ll need to stay with me and watch this space.

What I can say –  is that my view of the world and my concept of my own life as a housewife and working mother has been completely turned upside down. My attitude has taken a new turn from a vortex which I got to.  I’ve changed direction  – all thanks to the one word which I heard which I hadn’t heard in ages – inertia.

I always knew what the word “inertia” meant (Yes, I dabbled in a bit of physics at school so I had heard the term mentioned every time I decided to tune in to the teacher’s frequency) but I never thought I would confront the actual physics of that word.

So – before I reveal how I tackled the inertia in my life – I’m inviting you, my loyal followers, comrades, stalkers and silent achievers to guest comment on how you plan to confront the inertia in your lives.  I invite you to write in and tell me how you’ve overcome the challenge of a road block in your life and prevailed over it.  It could be cooking a meal from scratch, eating dinner with your kids instead of checking Facebook while they eat, quitting your job, extending your maternity leave or something way more substantial that has changed your life for the better.

I can’t wait for you to join me in the challenge to share  how you’ve  changed your life with some new momentum and physics. And – if you haven’t yet confronted your life challenge or inert state  – please tell me how you are going to – I highly recommend it!

All guest posts will be accepted and appreciated – so please get writing!


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