Something for you – for once

The last time I had awesome hair

So – based on the fact that my Free Havaianas Giveaway has been much more popular than my Free Blow Dry Bar Giveaway – I think we can safely assume that you all prefer to win free stuff for your kids than for yourselves – which is SUCH an enormous shame!

When will we learn that we need to start doing stuff for ourselves?  I personally cannot recall the last time I treated myself to a blow dry in a proper salon let alone did a real blow dry on myself! But I do think we need to start doing ourselves a good turn once in a while.  A friend of mine recently remarked “I would love to win a free blow dry.  The trouble is, I wouldn’t have the time to book the appointment to actually claim the free blow dry!”  How sad is that?

There’s a lesson in all this – that it’s time to be a little bit selfish and do something you will actually enjoy for yourself – and who doesn’t want to look fabulous – especially before or after a hard day.

On that note – there are still FIVE free Blow Dry VIP vouchers up for grabs.  All you need to do is click “Like” on my Facebook page and you will be on your way to being a winner of a fabulous prize just for YOU!


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