Gorgeous Flip Flops / Ballet Flats Giveaway

Whether you’re a tired-out French Maid, a worn-down corporate chick, or just a mother of tantruming kids, sometimes the ONLY thing that will make your day better is a new pair of shoes.  

If you’re like me, you’ll agree that there’s nothing worse that running around is too-tight heels all day long when all you really need in an awesome pair of thongs or ballet flats to get you through the day.  But the problem is – there’s never anywhere to put them.

Lucky for you, the good people at Flipsters have promised to change all that.

Flipsters are saving women’s feet around Australia and the world with their unique range of foldable shoes.  Each pair reduces to around the size of an iPhone and are a must-have item for your handbag.  Flipsters can be worn regularly and won’t need to be replaced. These aren’t disposable shoes. You don’t throw them away after a few wears, they’ll last for much longer. The flip flops RRP is $29.95 and the ballet flats RRP is $39.95.  A 100% Australian owned company, the brand was launched in October 2009 and is now sold around the world.

I’m giving away free Flipsters to the first lucky entrants in this 14 day giveaway.  To win your pair of free Flipsters, simply “Like” The Real Housewife of Sydney on Facebook and make sure you click subscribe to my blog here, voila.

If your name is drawn we’ll ask you to please send us your colour preference in the Ballet Flats or Flip Flops. Who doesn’t love free stuff?  Best of luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway





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