My new religion


You could say I’ve come back from the dead.  Some people are even saying that I’m “the blogger who doesn’t blog any more”.

But the truth is, I completely burnt myself out last year and I’m only coming back into my own now.  So how did this immense life change come about?

Easy – I found a new religion.  

Now I’m not one to try new things.  Usually.  And I’m not one to take to new lifestyle changes.  Especially if the change fails to include chocolate or coffee.  But just this once, I decide to go against my personal belief and join a new religion – Barefoot Soft Sand Running.

My new religion has changed my life.  I am reinvigorated, motivated, addicted and obsessed.  I’m one of the newest members to this religion but probably one of the most devout.  My new religion gives me a rush and makes me wake up in the morning.  It makes me push myself and strive to be better than I was the day before.  But the best part of this new religion is the community and people involved.  The unspoken language that our followers have written.  The early Bondi Beach dawn is a privilege which our community members share.  The magical adrenalin rush that follows with a post-run ocean dip is subliminal and kick starts your day better than  any caffeine hit could ever do.  I’ve become so fanatical with my new religion that I literally shed tears if I don’t get to schedule my soft sand run into my day or if the weather ruins my soft sand commitment.  I’ve even taken to proselytising to anyone who will listen – to just try it once. 

Yesterday, I even took my devotion and commitment to my religion to a new level.  I ran in the Bondi Barefoot Soft Sand Run 2013 with a dear friend of mine.  I survived the next level of my religion and made myself proud.  It made me realise that even the biggest exercise atheist can be turned.  And I am living proof of that (with a bit of knee strain to prove it)!


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