Free Giveaway for the School Holidays

With the July school holidays looming, I mean ’round the corner, it’s pretty daunting.  What. Are.  We. Going. To. Do. Yikes?

Parents everywhere are scurrying around trying to find something quirky and fun to entertain their small guys with.  But it’s all a little bit stale.  Been there done that.  Unless you have plans to book your kids into a Thai Kids Club for the next 3 weeks (if only…) then you will need some pretty heavy entertainment artillery to get through the long haul.

So, allow me to introduce my newest muse, my BFF, my ‘Bestie‘ – Mr Palindrome.

I’m not sure if it was love at first sight, or if it was the name that got to me.  But either way, this hot new entertainer has cast his spell and all the kids are lapping up his quirky vibe.  Based in Sydney, Australia, Mr. Palindrome is a children’s songwriter and performer who loves to sing songs that make lots and lots of nonsense! 

So, I’m now in cahoots with Mr P!  To be in the running to win a “Smiley Face Sticker” HOT Album or a Mr P Sticker Pack, or both, all you need to do is like “Mr Palindrome” and  “The Real Housewife of Sydney” on Facebook.

Winners will be announced here on the blog soon! Get involved!

More about Mr. Palindrome

mr-palindrome-blog-picMr. Palindrome is a songwriter and performer for kids. Check out his album SMILEY FACE STICKER and the brand new music video  hereHe’s also a young dad to a 1-year old girl and husband to a girl from San Francisco he met whilst studying at Berklee School of Music in Boston.  You can follow Mr P on twitter  and on youtube too.


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