Got your knickers in a knot? So what!


It’s amazing what will get people revved up these days!  The exact same media stunt that made me chuckle and smirk got the entire Sydney morning TV-watching community in a complete tailspin.

A Gold Coast law firm decided to break away from boring, black letter, stale advertising and put this cheeky flyer out to the market.  Needless to say, it’s release has caused nationwide outrage.

Apparently, it’s not cool to joke about divorce and family law.  Yes, I agree, divorce is no laughing matter.  It’s a serious issue and a life altering decision.  But that doesn’t mean advertising can’t make light of a tough subject to grab our attention. Life is pretty mundane and when an edgy, confronting, quirky piece of marketing stands out, well, then the advertising agency has done it’s job.  Not to mention, a great piece of publicity for the law firm, whose principal, Marie, appeared on Channel Seven’s The Morning Show today. You go girl! 

Can’t wait to see how these guys go with marketing their ‘Wills and Estate Planning‘ services – We’ll draft a will so watertight you’ll wish you were dead already!”?

Love Love Love it! 


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