Parent Abuse


Of course you’re familiar with the concept of child abuse.  Everyone is.  I, am ashamed to say, am a victim of the converse concept – Parent Abuse.

My husband says it’s all my fault.  That I shouldn’t ‘take it’.  But if you’ve ever been the subject of a public tantrum with your kids you will know that it isn’t that easy to defuse the situation without thrashing your kid publicly or outright abandoning the truant minor and making a dash for the nearest mental asylum.

Yes, I admit, my kids have actually dared to lift a hand to me.  But I am pretty bad at handling the situation.  I’m sure that the Super Nanny would have so terrific pointers for me – but to be honest – I’m not all that keen to take advice from someone who doesn’t actually have to take my kids home when they leave the TV show filming for day.

I for one would never have even dared to smack, kick or pinch my parents – but this ‘new generation’ seems to be a different breed.  Not to mention the fact that the new breed of parent is not as uptight, strict, unforgiving and unswerving as our parents’ generation.

I ask myself where I’m possibly going wrong all the time.  I must be to blame for this unacceptable behaviour – that my kids literally kick me when I’m down.  What’s your take on this and what would you do if you kid ‘abused’ you in any way? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


One thought on “Parent Abuse

  1. I’m pretty sure I got slapped in the face by my 10 month old the other day, intentionally! What can you do, they’re kids. I never hit my parents but the parenting was really different then. I was constantly living in fear of my parents but my son definitely does not fear me! Good luck with the hitting.

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