The pot of ‘bold’ at the end of the rainbow

So once again I decided to be bold and bake my kid’s gourmet birthday cake. Thank goodness, my newest four-year old is no longer fixated in the colour yellow (it was getting tough finding enough yellow undies to get through the week). This year he opted for a rainbow cake to go with his super hero themed party. Game on.

As you know – I love to push myself and I take on a challenge like all over-achieving moms do. Not lightly – but all hands on deck.

The boys helped me mix the batter – we made a dairy free butter cake batter and divided the final batter into six round baking tins. We then added the six colours of the rainbow (I know we were short of one colour but I pride myself on maintaining the status quo and keeping equilibrium because no-one likes a wobbly rainbow!).

After 2 hours of prep we had finished the batter and I froze each baked cake individually wrapped in cling wrap.

Two nights later on the eve of the party I got onto rolling the fondant and making the icing. I rolled the white fondant waifer-thin. Then I sandwiched each layer of the cake with delicate layers of white icing sugar. What a long process. The key was that each cake was frozen when I iced the layers together. After each sandwich I put the cakes back in the fridge. Then finally once all six layers were in the tower formation I laid the fondant over the cake. Tougher than any law exam – but I persevered and covered the cake as best I could. To hide any fondant misdemeanours I strategically glued South African jelly tots on with the left over icing. And voila. My first attempt at a later cake was a marginal success.

I’m pleased to report that the cake survived the journey to the venue and only one tiny slice remained at the end of the party. Snaps for me!











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