About Me

The Real Housewife of Sydney™ is a real housewife. 

So – No fluffy fur coats.

No bling.  No designer bags. No flash cars. No domestic help. 

Just a wife in a townhouse in a cute Sydney seaside suburb with a husband and two gorgeous sons.

I’m “real” because I’m a real mother and wife and I try to keep it real.

I’m a corporate lawyer, housewife of nearly 8 years, mother of 2 gorgeous baby boys and a (sometimes truant) housekeeper and homemaker.

Sometimes I call myself a “hybrid yummy mummy”* – mostly because I look OK after popping out 2 babies in an 18 month span and also because I hate the term “yummy mummy” on its own.

*hybrid yummy mummy: it’s the term I’ve coined to capture the fact that I put on make-up every morning and try to look half-decent when I leave the house and even when I am stuck at home for that matter – i.e. getting dressed with purpose and trying to look and feel nice after NO SLEEP the night before. SO that’s the yummy mummy part.  The hybrid part comes from the fact that I don’t send my babies to daycare (that’s my personal choice and it has nothing to do with the cost of childcare) and I don’t have a cleaner so I do all my own housework and cooking (most days I am up to date, except for tonight when I made Lance cook his own dinner because I can barely move). I also don’t feed my babies store-bought bottled baby food– I process it all myself albeit that I am a fairly hopeless cook most of the time! I’m not a martyr, no – but if you ask me why I need to do everything to the extreme, that’s probably because I am part methodical lawyer  and part perfectionist Saggitarian.  It’s my biggest downfall but also my standout quality.

I used to really love the law, but for now, I think I perform at my best when I’m multi-tasking, carrying 12 kilos in 1 arm (aka my 1.5 year old baby boy) and 14 kilos in my other arm (aka my 3 year old young gentleman of leisure / toddler) and showing people the funny side to this mothering gig.

  • My book “How to push your pram in high heels” is due for release in early 2012 (pending pre-school enrollment forms being approved)
  • My vlog, which follows my daily tribulations “reality TV style” is being edited for viewing on You Tube and Vimeo.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ohhhh I love the blog!! VERY CLEVER and definitely very funny!!! so nice to see you and congrats on two beautiful boys xxx Phoodie

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