Free Giveaway for the School Holidays

With the July school holidays looming, I mean ’round the corner, it’s pretty daunting.  What. Are.  We. Going. To. Do. Yikes?

Parents everywhere are scurrying around trying to find something quirky and fun to entertain their small guys with.  But it’s all a little bit stale.  Been there done that.  Unless you have plans to book your kids into a Thai Kids Club for the next 3 weeks (if only…) then you will need some pretty heavy entertainment artillery to get through the long haul.

So, allow me to introduce my newest muse, my BFF, my ‘Bestie‘ – Mr Palindrome.

I’m not sure if it was love at first sight, or if it was the name that got to me.  But either way, this hot new entertainer has cast his spell and all the kids are lapping up his quirky vibe.  Based in Sydney, Australia, Mr. Palindrome is a children’s songwriter and performer who loves to sing songs that make lots and lots of nonsense! 

So, I’m now in cahoots with Mr P!  To be in the running to win a “Smiley Face Sticker” HOT Album or a Mr P Sticker Pack, or both, all you need to do is like “Mr Palindrome” and  “The Real Housewife of Sydney” on Facebook.

Winners will be announced here on the blog soon! Get involved!

More about Mr. Palindrome

mr-palindrome-blog-picMr. Palindrome is a songwriter and performer for kids. Check out his album SMILEY FACE STICKER and the brand new music video  hereHe’s also a young dad to a 1-year old girl and husband to a girl from San Francisco he met whilst studying at Berklee School of Music in Boston.  You can follow Mr P on twitter  and on youtube too.


My new religion


You could say I’ve come back from the dead.  Some people are even saying that I’m “the blogger who doesn’t blog any more”.

But the truth is, I completely burnt myself out last year and I’m only coming back into my own now.  So how did this immense life change come about?

Easy – I found a new religion.   Continue reading

Gorgeous Flip Flops / Ballet Flats Giveaway

Whether you’re a tired-out French Maid, a worn-down corporate chick, or just a mother of tantruming kids, sometimes the ONLY thing that will make your day better is a new pair of shoes.   Continue reading

When “Yes” means “No”

As a rule, housewives aren’t allowed to say “no” very often, and even on the rare occasion that we do say “no” it’s usually taken to mean “yes” anyway.

So as a matter of practice, most housewives just don’t ever bother saying “no” to anything.  It’s just how we’re programmed.  It’s much easier  at the time to just go along with things even if it’s not really the best choice for us.  It goes with the role of being selfless and self-sacrificing for the greater good, whatever that happens to be at the time. Continue reading

Something for you – for once

The last time I had awesome hair

So – based on the fact that my Free Havaianas Giveaway has been much more popular than my Free Blow Dry Bar Giveaway – I think we can safely assume that you all prefer to win free stuff for your kids than for yourselves – which is SUCH an enormous shame!

When will we learn that we need to start doing stuff for ourselves?  I personally cannot recall the last time I treated myself to a blow dry in a proper salon let alone did a real blow dry on myself! But I do think we need to start doing ourselves a good turn once in a while.  A friend of mine recently remarked “I would love to win a free blow dry.  The trouble is, I wouldn’t have the time to book the appointment to actually claim the free blow dry!”  How sad is that?

There’s a lesson in all this – that it’s time to be a little bit selfish and do something you will actually enjoy for yourself – and who doesn’t want to look fabulous – especially before or after a hard day.

On that note – there are still FIVE free Blow Dry VIP vouchers up for grabs.  All you need to do is click “Like” on my Facebook page and you will be on your way to being a winner of a fabulous prize just for YOU!

Free Giveaway | Double Pass | SJ Writers Festival 2012

I am so super-excited to be presenting at the SJ Writers Festival 2012. Wow – it’s tomorrow night!

This has been one of my dreams come true and I can’t believe it’s actually happening.  Who would have thought my little old blog deserved its own place in a public, tangible forum? Continue reading