.My luscious people + loony things

If you are one of my favourite people then you already know who you are! 

Like you, I want my readers to be more aware of who you are then please contact me and I will add you to my site. 

If you have a great product or website that you would like me to recommend I would be thrilled to do so. 

Right now I am loving:
.rosemount fashion week
.brolley sheets
.my iPad keyboard
.not working on Thursdays and Fridays
.school holidays with my boys
.not being knocked up
.wearing wellingtons in the rain
.not doing the laundry tonight
.not cooking tonight

Just drop me a line. This loony mommy would love to add you to my luscious people loony things soon xx


One thought on “.My luscious people + loony things

  1. Bit disappointed I didn’t crack a mention on this list of lovable things…. surely, what’s not to love over here?

    Serves me right for ignoring your fire distress signals I suppose.

    Still love you though chicken x

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