Photos now, autographs later

My virgin photo shoot was last Thursday.  Wow. Wow. Wow!

Let’s just say, I have (a new-found) respect for models.  By the end of the shoot I was starving for real food and I was supremely cranky!

Especially after posing for 4 hours in heels in all sorts of positions holding all sorts of heavy props in impossibly tight underwear and clothes!

To be fair, it was super-fun and I felt amazing to have a “Team” of people around me making me look fabulous all morning! Not even coffee and chocolate can beat the feeling of being styled and made-up every few minutes in a stunning estate in Rose Bay. I could seriously get used to that  type of lifestyle – now all I need to do now is get paid for it!

By the end of the shoot, my blistered feet and forced smile quickly reminded me that I was still just The Real Housewife of Sydney.  I also realised that it would take more than just 1 shoot to transform me into a professional model – or a professional anything for that matter!  I think I would’ve known instantly that I had ‘made it’ as a model if I didn’t have to rush out of the shoot to collect Aiden from pre-school and also, I hadn’t been added to the top of the list of Leonardo DiCaprio‘s “Sydney go – to model girls”.  Anyway, there’s always next time.

But for now – a massive shout-out to the crew that made it all happen on the day – I will remember you always:

  • Peter Collie (my photographer).
  • Chloe Jean (Magician/Makeup artist/Hair transformer)
  • the gorgeous Natalie (my superb stylist and the Owner Bronx & Banco).
  • A huge thank you to my gorgeous baby boy Jon Jon, who sat through my spray tan with so much endurance and good behaviour – I’m not sure if was the 2nd hand spray tan air or my iPhone Cupcake App  – but he was more behaved than any agent I’ve ever had!
  • To ‘the homeowners of that INCREDIBLE house’ – when can I move in?  I left some outfits in 1 of the wardrobes just in case you invite be back, to visit or to stay!?!
  • Last but not least, to my better half, the man who provides me with 50% of my material – Babe I am ETERNALLY grateful for you looking after Jon Jon, picking up and for being the Perfect House Husband on the day.  I love you.  I really mean it!

Don’t worry, my head hasn’t swollen too much from the fame yet, and if it does, based on your feedback, I promise I won’t forget the little people (my kids!)



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